Saturday, November 5, 2011

Movie Review: Gamer (2009)

Gerard Butler in Gamer

I watch movies frequently in theatres and never have I felt so bored that I have even entertained the thought of leaving the theatre in the middle of a movie..

Congrats to the makers of Gamer as I did just that when I was unfortunate enough to buy ticket and watch this drivel of a movie.

What can I say about the movie or the plot? Gerard Butler plays a character who is in jail and is used by a teenager as a real-life stand-in in shootout games. The guy who owns the game is the bad guy in the movie. There is a cult thing going on in the movie. There is a lady reporter character running around interviewing the bad guy.

Then there is the wife character of Gerard's character. Terry Crews plays a character who does nothing but glare menacingly at Gerard's character. I would tell you to check out the movie if you don't believe me on this, but trust me. Just take my word for it and save the time.

Gerard Butler and Michael C Hall in Gamer
Gerard Butler and Michael C Hall in Gamer 

The directors of this movie, I understand are helming the next Ghostrider movie, which surprisingly looks good at least in the trailer. I will most probably skip that one, despite the presence of Nic Cage.

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