Thursday, April 4, 2019

Joker (2019) Teaser Trailer - Review

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For a long time, there has been a lot of online chatter about the different Jokers in the DC comics based movie universe (DC Films or DC Extended Movie Universe as it is referred to). We have seen Jared Leto's interpretation of the Prince Clown of Crime. Now we have our first look at Joaquin Phoenix's take on the super-villain.

In addition to Joaquin, the movie also features Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz, Brett Cullen and Frances Conroy. Todd Phillips (The Hangover trilogy, Old School) directs the origin movie for inarguably one of the most famous baddies to have inhabited a comic book.

Check out the trailer:

Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) is a struggling comedian. Like Travis Bickle, he is at odds with the world and is being slowly driven to losing his sanity. Joaquin's Arthur is also seen flexing his  lean and mean physique. If that reminds you a bit of Scorsese's Travis Bickle, you are right on the money.

Martin Scorsese was once attached as a producer and there were rumors that one of his frequent collaborators (Leo DiCaprio) would don the grease paint. But as a small consolation, we have his other favorite collaborator, Robert De Niro (the Taxi Driver himself) starring in the movie.

Joaquin Phoenix seems to have delivered a knockout performance as the titular character. While it is too early to judge, based on a 2.5 minute teaser trailer, that smirk in the closing scene is quite telling.

Set to the song Smile” by Charlie Chaplin, the trailer sells itself as an urban crime drama with the lead character who is out of control and spiraling into the abyss of insanity.

In addition to Martin Scorsese's movies, the movie is also inspired by Batman: The Killing Joke, the graphical novel by Alan Moore. 

This trailer has raised my expectations and hopes for the movie and Joaquin's performance. Fingers crossed, that the final product will live up to the hype.

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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Paperless Posts Review - Your Go-to solution for all invitation needs

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Are you planning a great event for your near and dear and need help with sending out beautifully designed invites. Check out Paperless Posts - they have an extensive range of elegant designs (both free and premium options are available).

Whether it is for professional events like Charity and Fundraisers or a simple Thank You/Greeting cards, Paperless Posts has lots to offer.

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There are extensive options to customize these designs including the colors, words and the font size. Similar to conventional invites, even the envelope and postage can be customized. User can explore all of these options effortlessly thanks to the intuitive user interface that the Paperless Post offers.

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Once the invites are sent out, tracking is available not only for the responses, but even the menu options chosen.

In today's fast moving world, people might often forget to prepare for life events well in advance. Paperless Posts comes to the rescue by enabling us to quickly customize and send out the invites in a relatively short span of time. Compared to the traditional posts, users also face less hassles as there are no postage or printing charges. Further, they are environment friendly and help reduce carbon footprint.

I would recommend Paperless Posts to readers who are looking for an easy and convenient way to design and send greeting cards/invites for any and all occasions.

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