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Movie Review: Iron Monkey (1993)

Iron Monkey movie review poster
Donnie Yen and Yu Rongguang in Iron Monkey

Yuen Woo-ping directed this classic martial arts movie. Yu Rongguang plays the role of a good-hearted doctor, who moonlights as the titular character. Iron Monkey steals from the rich and corrupt and helps the poor and needy. The corrupt government forces Wong Kei-ying (Donnie Yen) to capture Iron Monkey in 7 days by holding his son Wong Fei-hung as hostage. 

While Wong Kei-ying pursues Iron Monkey, there is a change in the government for the worse. Rest of the movie should be familiar to anyone who has watched similar movies of this genre or any action movie for that matter. 

The action sequences in the movie are top-notch, which should not be surprising considering the cast and crew involved. Woo-ping is renowned for his martial arts choreography work in martial arts movies in the East. His fame was to shoot through the stratosphere shortly, following his work in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and The Matrix Trilogy.

Yuen Woo ping matrix action choreographer
Yuen Woo-ping, the director

Rongguang and Yen are both very accomplished martial artists and their skills electrify the screen in the insanely choreographed action sequences in the film.

Donnie Yen is one of my favorite martial artists and his work in this movie is as good as ever. I have enjoyed all of his movies from Once Upon a Time in China II to Hero to the recent hit Ip Man series. His role as Snowman in Blade II was one of the best things in that movie.

Iron Monkey has a lot of the action sequences and boy, do they pack a punch... 

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If you are a fan of the martial arts movie genre or action movies in general, I would highly recommend this movie to you. Trust me, you will not be disappointed!

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