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Elementary Season 3 Episode 21 "Under My Skin" – Recap and Review

Elementary Sherlock Holmes Jonny Lee Miller Season 3 Episode 21 Under My Skin

At the alcoholics meeting, Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) notices another member, Lloyd (Michael McGlone) behaving suspiciously. Lloyd is actually a private detective who is keeping an eye on Sherlock's recovery sponsor, Alfredo Llamosa (Ato Essandoh).

Alfredo's former employer, Castle hired Lloyd to keep tabs on Alfredo. Alfredo had been fired by Castle after some disagreements he had with another employee. Sherlock tries to help Alfredo, but the latter refuses his offer by claiming they are not friends.

The episode's main mystery starts off with a Maggie Halpern (Sarah Bolt) being taken in an ambulance. Her ride comes to a halt when an unseen person shoots to death the accompanying EMT (Dana Berger). Then the person drives away, thus effectively kidnapping the woman.

The suspect is Wallace Turk (Terry Serpico) who has been using Maggie as a drug mule. Escanso, a doctor in Brazil was the one who planted the drugs inside Maggie.

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Detective Marcus Bell (Jon Michael Hill) and Joan Watson (Lucy Liu) question Dr Ward (Fisher Stevens). One of his patients, Janko Stepovic (Gene Farber) is a criminal mastermind who runs a drug smuggling syndicate.

Janko himself is killed outside his house. The very next day, Dr Ward's attorney, Sarah Penley (Natalie Gold) offers information in exchange for protection for her client.

Dr Ward provides the location where the dead bodies were buried. After taking a look at the corpse, Joan deduces that it is Dr Ward who is the killer.

Sherlock ends up firing Alfredo as his sponsor in order to be able to take an active part in his personal life.

Sherlock Holmes recovery sponsor Alfredo Llamosa Ato Essandoh in Elementary Season 3 Episode 21 Under My Skin

Canonical References
Sherlock's comment about the perfume worn by the slain Janko - Sherlock Holmes states in The Hound of the Baskervilles: “There are seventy-five perfumes, which it is very necessary that a criminal expert should be able to distinguish from each other, and cases have more than once within my own experience depended upon their prompt recognition.”

This was an OK episode. No great performances or great moments of humor to leave an impression on one's mind.

Everyone's favorite turtle, Clyde makes his appearance in the scene, where Sherlock is trying to make sense of the Voynich manuscript.

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) - Teaser Trailer

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice teaser trailer review

Dear Readers,

The teaser trailer for the upcoming action blockbuster has been released.

Directed by Zack Snyder (Man of Steel, 300), the movie stars Henry Cavill as Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman, Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman and Gal Gadot as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman.

Other superheroes include Cyborg (played by Ray Fisher), Aquaman (played by Jason Momoa) and The Flash (played by Ezra Miller).

Supporting cast includes Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, Diane Lane as Martha Kent, Jeremy Irons as Alfred, Laurence Fishburne as Perry White.

The trailer focuses primarily on Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne/Batman. Having enjoyed Chris Nolan's The Dark Knight Trilogy, I was a bit skeptical.

I have to confess that Affleck's Batman looks impressive. His is a bulked up version, like the one found in The Dark Knight Returns series by Frank Miller. I have read reports that this movie might be inspired by Miller's popular work.

Ever since this movie was announced, I had pinned my hopes on Affleck's Batman to be the savior. Looks like I was not off the mark as Henry Cavill remains as bland and uninspired as he was in Man of Steel

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I am curious to see the other four superheroes in action, especially Ezra Miller's Flash. He has the unenviable task of being compared with Grant Gustin who portrays the Scarlet Speedster on the wildly successful CW show The Flash.

Here's hoping that the movie will live up its hype as the first live action movie to feature both Superman and Batman.

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Elementary Season 3 Episode 20 "A Stitch in Time" – Recap and Review

Sherlock Holmes wearing beekeeping suit outfit Elementary Season 3 Episode 20 A Stitch in Time

In Arthur Conan Doyle's original story, The Adventure of the Red-Headed League (REDH), a cunning criminal (John Clay) digs a tunnel from the basement of his unsuspecting employer (Jabez Wilson) to a nearby bank to steal the cash. Sherlock Holmes of course, stops the theft and catches the robbers red handed.

Elementary writers offer us a modern take on REDH. Instead of Mr. Wilson, we have another simpleton, Claire Renziger (Anita Gillette).

The case starts with Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) investigating the murder of Garrison Boyd, a famous rationalist/atheist.

Sherlock and Detective Marcus Bell (Jon Michael Hill) question Finn (Andrew Rothenberg), who has had some unfriendly exchanges with Boyd just days before his death.

A suspect emerges in the form of one Collin Eisely (Eric Bogosian). Collin is a businessman who owns a few buildings . But he seems to have an alibi. He directs Sherlock to the aforementioned Mrs. Renziger, one of his tenants.

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Claire believes that her husband Harry's ghost is trying to communicate with her. Claire seems to be of the opinion that Harry has discovered about her extra-marital affair with a certain Jim Harmon. She is of the strong opinion that her husband's ghost is uttering Jim Harmon as he goes around terrorizing her.

Sherlock however does not buy into her theory and deduces that something more logical is afoot. He infers that the supposed voice of Harry was actually some human being uttering some similar sounding Arabic term Im Haram.

Sherlock works his way to figure out the apartment of Nadim Al-Haj (Lohrasp Kansara), by tracking down his fellow tenant, Yolanda Massee  (Marcy Harriell). Coincidentally, Nadim stays in one of the buildings owned by Collin.

Piecing together the pieces of the puzzle, Sherlock finally deduces that Collin's plan was to delay some electronically transmitted financial information by a few milliseconds and make millions of dollars in the process.

Elementary Hannah Gregson Joan Watson Season 3 Episode 20 A Stitch in Time

The secondary subplot involved Joan Watson (Lucy Liu) helping Captain Thomas Gregson (Aidan Quinn)'s daughter and NYPD Detective Hannah Gregson (Liza J. Bennett) on a case involving a series of thefts. Hannah seeks Joan's help, as the officer in charge of that particular case is held up with some other work.

Sherlock warns Joan that Hannah is only a mediocre detective, but Joan believes in Hannah. Joan solves the mystery behind the thefts, but is surprised when Hannah takes all the credit instead of passing the information to the concerned officer. Captain Gregson advises Joan to stop helping his daughter any further.

Elementary Sherlock Holmes Season 3 Episode 20 A Stitch in Time

The plot was OK. The acting was adequate.

I did like the opening scene, which has Sherlock Holmes wearing the beekeeping suit as he examines his bee colony inside the brownstone. His investigation reveals infestation of the colony by the parasitic species of Varroa mites.

The Irregular, Mason (Robert Capron) made his customary appearance due to the electronic nature of the case.

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Terminator Genisys (2015) Trailer - Review

Terminator Genisys 2015 movie poster image wallpaper screensaver t800

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The Terminator series is one of my favorites. James Cameron's first two entries The Terminator (1984) and Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) remain the high points. The next two movies were more of an exercise in milking the cow rather than pushing the story ahead or any advancement in the special effects.

Now, the fifth entry is upon us. Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to the role that cemented his reputation as the # 1 Action Star in the 90s. Joining him are Emilia Clarke, Byung-hun Lee, Jai Courtney, Jason Clarke and J.K. Simmons.

The movie is directed by Alan Taylor. Alan's previous movie, Thor: The Dark World suggests that he is not much of a visionary director, but a director whom studios hire to crank out the next entry in their profitable franchise..... And the trailer does not do much to allay my apprehension.

Note: There are significant plot spoilers in the trailer. Readers who wish to avoid plot details, might want to skip it.

What we get to see are the same old plot lines, villains and even dialogues from the earlier movies. Byung-hun Lee is T-1000, played so memorably by Robert Patrick. Jason Clarke's Terminator is also similar to the T-X portrayed by Kristanna Loken in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

Emilia Clarke does look like a fitting replacement for Linda Hamilton as the feisty Sarah Connor. She seems to be the only one actually doing some acting among the newcomers.

The special effects look pretty ordinary. This is disappointing considering that James Cameron pushed the special effects envelope with Terminator 2: Judgment Day. But then, that is what James does, as his latest movie, Avatar has proven yet again.

Even the the make-up department seems to have done only average work - proof (if any is needed) that Stan Winston was truly a genius and his absence is really felt here.

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All said and done, this is an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. He looks to be in form as the cyborg, but age seems to be catching up with him. Let us hope that this movie will live up to the high standards set by his earlier collaborations with James Cameron. 

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