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Spectre (2015) - Teaser Trailer

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The trailer for the upcoming James Bond movie, Spectre starring Daniel Craig as Agent 007 is out. The returning cast includes Ralph Fiennes as M (Bond's boss), Ben Whishaw as Q (Gadget expert), Naomie Harris as Eve Moneypenny. 

Joining the regular cast are Christoph Waltz (as Oberhauser), Monica Bellucci (as Bond Girl Lucia Sciarra), Léa Seydoux (as Madeleine Swann), Dave Bautista (as Mr. Hinx) and Andrew Scott (as Denbigh).

The teaser did not impress me that much. I hope that the movie will live up to the hype.

Sam Mendes returns as the director, after the billion dollar box office success of Skyfall. I enjoyed that movie despite the obvious similarities to Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy. Hopefully, the next movie will be more original.

Andrew Scott is not featured in the trailer. But looks like his work as Moriarty in BBC Sherlock is indeed taking him places.

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The movie's name refers to the global organization of the same name, SPECTRE (Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion). It is an organization that often finds itself at loggerheads with James Bond and the British Secret Service.

Interestingly, the soon-to-be-released Tom Cruise movie, Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation also features the Syndicate, which happens to be a rival organization of IMF. Check out the trailer below:

M:I -Rogue Nation not only beat Skyfall to its first trailer, but the movie itself releases earlier than Mr Bond's latest adventure.

While Spectre releases in the US on November 6 2015 and in the UK on October 23 2015, MI5 hits the theatres on 31 July in the US and UK.

It will be interesting to see how the audience reacts to two spy movies that seem to have similar plot elements and release within months of each other.

I enjoyed the preceding movies in both these franchises. Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol had amazing action sequences and some moments of real humor. Based on Spectre's teaser, my money is on M:I -Rogue Nation being the more enjoyable sequel.

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  1. I saw the teaser trailer, and all I can think of is, "Are we going to get more psychoanalyzing from/of Bond?" Where's the fun, the joy? Part of the fun of a Bond film is the guns, the gadgets, and the girls. I do wish they'd get away from this "Dark Night of Bond's Soul" style.

    And I have grown to dislike if not downright hate Skyfall. I know it's technically better than A View to a Kill, but given the choice I'd rather see AVTAK than The Dark Bond Rises (as I call the other film).

    1. Well said. Perhaps, it is time for James Bond to have more humor in his movies, as it used to be in the old days (especially the Roger Moore ones).


  2. See and I feel 100% opposite about Bond. I like the psychoanalyzing of him and am happy to see him moving away from the same old, same old dude that I couldn't stand in the earlier films. I never liked Bond until Skyfall so Spectre looks fantastic to me.

    The new MI looks fun. I always expect chaos and entertainment from Ethan Hunt so it looks like he'll deliver like usual. And I'm happy to see Jeremy Renner in the cast again. At least these films utilize him properly unlike the Marvel franchise.

    1. Thanks Carissa for stopping by.

      To use an analogy, the Daniel Craig Bond movies are becoming a bit like the Chris Nolan Batman movies - a bit self-serious. While some of the older Bond movies were probably as campy as the 1966 Adam West TV series, we could probably do with a tone somewhere in-between.

      The recent MI movies (the previous and the upcoming one) have a light touch similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.

      I personally would like both of them to succeed at the worldwide box office.


  3. It's early days. Craig has gone on record as saying he'd like a bit more fun put in and the Brosnan writers are back on script duties. I don't like Skyfall much but the return of Blofeld is great news. Love MI films too!

    1. I have read online that there might a Bond replacement sometime soon. Perhaps, the producers are planning to have the new Bond to be as fun as the older ones.

      Thanks GK for stopping by.