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Elementary Season 3 Episode 6 "Terra Pericolosa" – Recap and Review

Sherlock Holmes sunglasses in Elementary Season 3 Episode 6 Terra Pericolosa

Joan Watson (Lucy Liu) has returned from Denmark and is catching up on the latest developments with Kitty Winter (Ophelia Lovibond).

Kitty receives a text from Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) and is dispatched to help Rafael (K.Todd Freeman), a curator with a theft. Rafael suspects one of his security guards, Gerald Vogel of stealing maps. The surveillance cameras were deactivated. 

Rafael's suspicions are laid to rest when Kitty discovers Gerald's corpse. Sherlock deduces that the thief wanted to steal one particular map and stole some others just to mislead the investigation.

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Sherlock determines that one particular map was the actual target of the robbery. That one turns out to be The County of King James, Virginia, 1794”, of which only one copy exists in that very library.

Sherlock contacts the granddaughter, Margaret Bray (Mamie Gummer) about the significance of the stolen map. Sherlock works with Margaret to get more details about the map.

Sherlock initiates a correspondence with one Austin Cornblatt (David Adkins). A person of interest, Stuart Zupko (Gabriel Hansen) is found dead. Sherlock theorizes that Stuart killed Gerald after stealing the map, but the question now is: Who murdered Zupko?

Sherlock and Joan pay a visit to William Hull (Skipp Sudduth), a real estate magnate offers to pay Sherlock for retrieving the original copy of the map. Sherlock figures that William wants the information hidden in the map.

Elementary guest star Eric Schweig as Leon Moody in Elementary Season 3 Episode 6 Terra Pericolosa

On further scrutiny, Sherlock deduces that a river depicted in the map has changed course and this could disrupt plans to construct a Indian Casino. The trio then question Leon Moody (Eric Schweig), who occupies a high position in the Gaming Commission and has vested interests in Indian Casino,

Joan is able to figure out the identity of Zupko's murderer, based on the observations she has made so far. 

Joan Watson returns in Elementary Season 3 Episode 6 Terra Pericolosa

The secondary plot involves Sherlock and John quarreling about his interference in Kitty's personal life. Kitty has a new acquaintance, Zachary and Sherlock is wary of his influence on his protege.

He finally relents and informs Kitty that Joan has offered to play a larger role. In turn, he offers Kitty the freedom to spend her time as she wishes.

After two strong episodes, this was a weak episode. The mystery component was good, but somehow the episode on the whole, lacked the excitement.

Elementary guest star Mamie Gummer as Margaret Bray with Aidan Quinn and Ophelia Lovibond in Elementary Season 3 Episode 6 Terra Pericolosa

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  1. I think the lack of excitement was in not knowing who the real Holmes was. But you are right, it had no edge.

    1. You are right. The detective work was shared almost equally between Sherlock, Joan and Kitty. As the saying goes: “Two's company, Three's a crowd”.