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Cast and Crew - Russian adaptation of Sherlock Holmes

This is my second post about the Russian adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, directed by Igor Maslennikov and starring Vasily Livanov and Vitaly Solomin as “Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson”.

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Rina Zelyonaya brings out the motherly and patient nature of the long-suffering landlady of the Bohemian detective. A nice touch is that Mrs Hudson is much smarter than the canonical one and is able to make a few deductions of her own.

Boris Klyuev makes a truly classy Mycroft, whose skills of observation and deduction exceed those of even Sherlock. He is bit on the leaner side, but nonetheless cuts a very commanding figure.

Boris Klyuev as Mycroft Holmes in the Russian adaptation of Sherlock Holmes
Boris Klyuev as Mycroft Holmes
Borislav Brondukov brings down the house with his portrayal of Inspector Lestrade. He is probably the best Lestrade ever in terms of physical appearance: small, rat-faced and sly. Where Borislav excels is the spirit and cheer that he imbues in his depiction of the famous Scotland Yard detective.

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Igor Maslennikov, the director of this TV series, has done a stupendous job. He completed his education in Journalism from Leningrad University in 1954. He has worked as editor, script writer, cameraman and director in a career spanning more than 30 years.

Igor Maselnnikov, the director of the Russian adaptation of Sherlock Holmes
Igor Maselnnikov, the director
Maslennikov's work on this adaptation of Sherlock Holmes brought him well-deserved recognition and success. Maslennikov's passion and reverence for Sir Doyle's works are evident in the aesthetically done opening credits as well as the costumes, sets and the casting choices. It would have taken considerable efforts from the director and his crew to recreate Victorian England in Russia. Hats off to the entire team and especially Maslennikov for helming such a wonderful and elegant adaptation of Sherlock Holmes.

He is ably assisted by Vladimir Dashkevich, whose music takes the series to a whole new level. His music is an instant classic, in every sense of the word.

Vladimir Dashkevich, the music composer of the Russian adaptation of Sherlock Holmes
Vladimir Dashkevich, the music composer

The Russian adaptation of Sherlock Holmes is a perfect marriage of great ensemble acting, a classic soundtrack and impeccable direction.

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Image Source: Lenfilm Film Studio

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  1. Fantastic! I must watch it! How many seasons are there for this? Is it called simply Sherlock Holmes? I must get my hands on this one.

  2. Welcome to the Vasily Livanov Fan Club :)

    The adaptation is called "Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson". Here is the info about the adaptation:

    Here is the link to see the videos (with subtitles) online:

    I am looking forward to your thoughts and feedback!

  3. I've not seen any of these. I would like to though

  4. Thanks Gary for stopping by :)

  5. A few people notice that the core actors of the Soviet version had been known to the Soviet audience mostly as comic or children's films actors. Livanov had not been especially famous actor before Holmes but most of Soviet children knew and loved his voice due to the cartoon adaptation of Lindgren's Karlsson-on-the-Roof. Solomin was known due his roles in musical comedies. Zelyonaya was very famous and loved by Soviet children due to her roles in children's films. The whole career of Brondukov before and after Lastrade was nearly totally comic.
    This "easiness" of the brackground of the leading actors greatly added irony and charm to this movie for the original audience.

    1. I agree with you about the charming nature of the Russian adaptation. I have seen some clips of Livanov's work as Gena the Crocodile. He has a great voice and that is one of the main factors that makes his Holmes so unique and my all-time favorite.

      In my humble opinion, the Russian series captures the Victorian nature of the Sherlock Holmes stories by Arthur Conan Doyle better than any other adaptation.

      Thank You for stopping by.


  6. I am so thrilled with this series and all of the actors, especial Holmes. Dear Watson, and the police chief! Have watched it twice now, 2nd time with my sister and her husband who both are now too fans as well. Thank you for this exquisite adaptation of Sherlock stories, with a few new twists!

    1. Thanks Dinah for stopping by.

      This is my favorite Holmes adaptation, and Livanov and Solomin are my #1 Holmes and Watson respectively.