Saturday, October 22, 2016

Logan (2017) Trailer # 1 - Review and Reaction

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The first trailer for the (supposedly) final Wolverine movie, Logan is here.

After directing The Wolverine, James Mangold returns to the director's chair. In addition to the series regulars (Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart), we have a few newcomers: Richard E. Grant as Dr. Zander Rice a.k.a Mister Sinister, Boyd Holbrook as Donald Pierce and Stephen Merchant as Caliban (a younger version was played by Tómas Lemarquis in X-Men: Apocalypse).

Check out the trailer below:

The trailer comes as self-serious. Gone is the humor and wit that Hugh Jackman displayed in the X-Men movie: X-Men: Days of Future Past. Appropriately, the trailer is set to the song “Hurt” covered by Johnny Cash in 2002.

Patrick Stewart appears as an aged Charles Xavier. This is what I have understood so far about the movie: It is an apocalypse-type scenario and mutants are being hunted down. Logan has advanced in terms of age and there is a female clone (X-23) in the fray.

As usual, it is upto Logan to save the world of mutants. This time, the bad guy is Mister Sinister. I am not an expert on X-Men mythology. I have not read the comics and my only exposure is via the two animated series: X-Men and X-Men Evolution apart from the movies.

From what I have seen so far, Mister Sinister would make an interesting villain, given his skill sets. Plus, hopefully we won't get Magneto lifting bridges, cars etc...

Another good thing about the movie's trailer: At least there is no Jennifer Lawrence. It would be nice if Rebecca Romijn makes at least a cameo appearance as an aged Mystique.

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  1. I'm well versed in X-Men mythology and the Old Man Logan arc is great. However, the comics have the Marvel supervillains taking over, with Green Goblin, Hulk, etc, ruling the Earth. Obviously Fox don't have the full toybox so we'll have to see how it differs. I liked the look of the trailer, it feels as if the superhero genre is evolving (well the Fox/Marvel ones anyway), away from huge scenes of destruction to more character based material. As Jackman has always modelled his Logan on Clint Eastwood, it seems only appropriate to riff on Unforgiven at the end.

    1. Thanks GK for the info. Old Man Logan sounds interesting due to the characters and the plot. But as you said, Fox has only rights to X-Men and Fantastic Four.

      Now that you mentioned, I can see Eastwood's influence on Hugh's performance. Let us see what James Mangold and Jackman have in store for us.


  2. Given this is Hugh Jackman's last ride, it would be a fan's hope that they would finally show him in the classic Yellow and Black costume, especially since it was going to be originally teased in The Wolverine (the director of The Wolverine is also directing Logan).
    But I noticed a couple scenes that seem to hint that we're going to get the suit, that makes this more than wishful thinking. At :30 of the trailer (using the Red-Banded trailer for use), Logan says that X-23 is an X-Men fan, showing a comic book adventure based on one of the adventures in the film world. We get a full-shot of it at :34 and there's a couple noteworthy things (picture for reference).
    It's a very modern-looking Storm, not unlike the Storm that was introduced in X-Men Apocalypse. Which means that not only is this comic made specifically for the film, but that the new X-Men team in Apocalypse will interact and go on missions with Logan EDIT: and that he gets the costume from the previous timeline.
    Another sign is that Wolverine's eyes aren't pure white. In fact we can see them... just like you could from that originally teased costume, which looks very much like the one in the comic.
    We can gauge that while she is a brute-force killer, she looks up to the X-Men, and likely wants to be like them, which is hard, given the setting and story of Logan. This is reinforced at 1:30, where Logan says he isn't what she think he is, and that's likely a hero/ a good man.
    My theory: After some-time of bonding, X-23 will likely be captured and/or there will be that classic 3rd-act confrontation which will lead to the two getting angry at one-another and separate, where then Logan will put on the suit to show that he's still that hero he once was, likely during the final confrontation with the villain. It's simple, easy, works well with the plot and characters, and is a great way to send off Jackman's Wolverine.
    Curious to see what you guys think.

    1. Thank you for sharing your ideas. I had not seen the Red-Banded Trailer before. That trailer is far better than the regular one.

      I too would love to see Logan in his original costume (in the finale if your theory is correct). I remember the scene in the very first X-Men movie where James Marsden's Cyclops comments on the bright costumes as the team prepares to leave in the X-Jet to fight Magneto and his brotherhood.

      I also liked that they are finally showing Wolverine's claws actually doing what they are supposed to do. That has been one of the long running complaints against the X-Men movies so far. Glad that they are finally rectifying the error.