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The Strain Season 1 Episode # 9 "The Disappeared" - Recap and Review

FX The Strain Season 1 Episode 9 The Disappeared The Eclipse poster

This post discusses the episode in detail. Readers yet to watch the episode are recommended to skip it, if they wish to avoid spoilers.

As seen in the last episode, our heroes came under attack in a convenience store. They are able to make their escape, but Jim Kent (Sean Astin) gets infected and is shot dead by Vasiliy Fet (Kevin Durand).

Zach Goodweather (Ben Hyland) is dropped off at his home by Diane (Inga Cadranel). A transformed Matt Sayles (Drew Nelson) attacks Zach. Eph Goodweather (Corey Stoll) arrives right on time to rescue his son and destroys the vampire.

Corey Stoll, Ben Hyland and Mía Maestro as Dr Eph Goodweather, Zach Goodweather and Dr Nora Martinez in FX The Strain Season 1 Episode 9 The Disappeared

Zach informs Eph and Nora Martinez (Mia Maestro) that his mother Kelly Goodweather (Natalie Brown) has been gone since morning, after having a fight with her live-in boyfriend.

Gus Elizalde's (Miguel Gomez) friend Felix (Pedro Miguel Arce) gets increasingly weak as the infection takes its toll on him.

Back in the Nazi concentration camp in 1944, Thomas Eichorst (Richard Sammel) keeps a special eye on the young Abraham Setrakian (Jim Watson). Thomas notices that Abraham is unhappy after finishing his previous masterpiece.

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Abraham tries to attack The Master during one of his feeding sessions. The Master overpowers him and breaks his fingers, while taunting him that even God cannot save him. Next day, Thomas orders Abraham's execution since he is no longer useful to him. Just as he is about to be executed, allied forces attack the camp and Abraham escapes.

Eph and Nora decide to stay back at Kelly's house. Eph and Nora dispose of Matt's body. They have a make out session. Diane stops by again and is furious at what she perceives as proof of Eph's infidelity to Kelly.

Ruta Gedmintas as internet hacker Dutch Velders in FX The Strain Season 1 Episode 9 The Disappeared

Abraham Setrakian (David Bradley), along with Vasiliy and Dutch Velders (Ruta Gedmintas), takes Zach to his pawn shop to keep him safe.

Dutch gets down at her apartment and discovers that her roommate Nikki (Nicola Correia Damude) stole her backup and all the money she has saved. During her conversation with Vasiliy, Dutch implies that she and Nikki were more than just friends.

One of Dutch's acquaintances, Ronnie tries to attack her. Vasiliy slays Ronnie.

Abraham proposes an alliance with Vasiliy Fet in order to use his intimate knowledge of the city to find The Master and destroy him.

Gus, Felix and a few other convicts are being transported in a police van for inspection by a doctor. A transformed Felix starts attacking his cellmates and the driver. The van crashes shortly. Gus shoots Felix dead and escapes.

Kevin Durand, Mia Maestro, Ruta Gedmintas and David Bradley as Vasiliy Fet, Dr Nora Martinez, Dutch Velders and Abraham Setrakian in FX The Strain Episode 9 The Disappeared

Dutch confesses to Abraham about her work in bringing down the internet on behalf of Eldritch Palmer (Jonathan Hyde). She also mentions about her misgivings about Thomas Eichorst. 

The Master appears before Thomas Eichorst and infects him with a worm.

There was a lot of humor in this episode, mostly from Vasiliy Fet. Kevin Durand seems to be settling into his role.

Dutch Velders referring to Abraham's pawnshop as “Batcave was a nice touch. Hats off to Guillermo del Toro for this reference.

The show is slowly and steadily picking up the tempo, after what have been some really slow episodes.

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  1. The term “Polish concentration camp” is wrong and insulting. In 1944 Poland was occupied by Nazi Germany. It was a Nazi concentration camp imposed on occupied Poland.

  2. The term 'Polish concentration camp' is historically incorrect. The German Nazis established the 'concentration camps' on occupied Polish soil. The camps were not Polish as implied by the comment. Please correct the error.