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Fargo Season 1 Episode # 5 "The Six Ungraspables" - Recap and Review

Martin Freeman, Adam Goldberg and Russell Harvard as Lester Nygaard, Mr Numbers and Mr Wrench in FX Fargo Season 1 Episode 5 The Six Ungraspables

Lester Nygaard (Martin Freeman) is forced to reveal the name of Lorne Malvo to his cellmates Mr.Numbers (Adam Goldberg) and Mr.Wrench (Russell Harvard). He further reveals that Lorne took his car to Duluth.

Deputy Molly Solverson (Allison Tolman) is still on Lester's heels. She has obtained his phone records on the night, his wife and the ex police chief were killed.

A call had been placed to the motel where Lorne was staying. This piece of information finally convinces Chief Bill Oswalt (Bob Odenkirk) that something is amiss.

Colin Hanks as Deputy Gus Grimly in Fargo Season 1 Episode 5 The Six Ungraspables

Deputy Gus Grimly (Colin Hanks) has his daughter Greta (Joey King) look up Pastor Peterson from Baudette.

Lorne is back to Calamity Joe (Roger LeBlanc) to get a police scanner. He visits Don Chumph (Glenn Howerton) and prepares to extort the ransom money from Stavros Milos (Oliver Platt).

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A guilt ridden Gus shares his anguish with his neighbor, who advises him that only a fool tries to solve all the world's problems.

Stavros's son, Dmitri (Gordon S. Miller) does some investigation of his own and discovers that the troubles plaguing his father are very much man-made. However Stavros is too much into his religious beliefs and refuses to heed Dmitri's advice.

Allison Tolman as Deputy Molly Solverson in FX Fargo Season 1 Episode 5 The Six Ungraspables

Molly revisits Lester's house for clues. Lester is taken to the hospital, where Molly learns that the pregnant Ida Thurman (Julie Ann Emery) has just given birth.

Molly checks in on Lester in his hospital room. Lester pretends to be asleep and Molly leaves the room.

This was a good episode. The writing is sharp and witty. The casting continues to be solid with a couple of new additions and there is not a single weak link in the chain.

Billy Bob Thornton as Lorne Malvo in FX Fargo Season 1 Episode 5 The Six Ungraspables

The show is at its best whenever Billy Bob Thornton is onscreen. His conversations with Calamity Joe and especially with Stavros during the ride is hilarious and amusing. Equally good is his discussion about house safety precautions. The concerned neighbor calls him Se'irim”, the term for demon in the Hebrew Bible.

The shooting scene at Lester's place was beautifully shot. The attention to details and the graphical rendering was superb. Kudos to the technical crew.

The hapless Lester undergoes considerable torture and Martin does a great job with his American accent and acting.

Molly's Yeah in the hospital reminded me of Frances McDormand's character from the 1996 original.

Recommended to fans of thrillers/dramas/Coen Brothers.

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Image Sources: FX Productions, MGM Television, FX Network

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  1. I didn't think I'd like this, being a big fan of the movie but I love it. After the first thirty minutes or so of episode one I was hooked. It's great.Though I believe it's only going to be a ten episode run with no second season, since it was designed as a one off show. Brilliant, though

    1. Agree with you Gary.

      The show is excellent and a worthy continuation of the classic movie. I like the subtle references to the original movie and other Coen Brothers movies.

      Billy Bob Thornton is phenomenal.


  2. I've watched the first couple of episodes while multitasking so I'm sure I could have missed some important events or conversations. Can someone explain what prompted Molly to specifically go straight to the washing machine, open it up, and search for something? It seems way too random to just be a hunch.

    1. I believe the washing machine was moved out of its position and was a little out of place. That was probably mentioned in the initial police report or Molly just noticed it by herself.