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TV Review: Elementary - Episode # 15 - A Giant Gun, Filled with Drugs

Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes CBS Elementary Episode 15 A Giant Gun, Filled with Drugs
Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu as Holmes and Watson
Sherlock is visited by Rhys, his former drug dealer. Rhys’ daughter, Emily has been kidnapped and the kidnapper sends a ransom note demanding 2.2 million USD. Rhys had stolen that amount from a drug cartel and it seems his past has caught up with him.

Holmes deduces that the kidnapper was in a nightclub before he abducted Emily. Holmes tries to get some information from a DEA agent working undercover in the club. Sherlock does acquire the “information”, but has to undergo considerable amount of pain in the process.

The kidnapper does not take kindly to the fact that Rhys has applied for outside help. He sends Emily’s severed finger as a warning and wants the money handed over the very next day.

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Rhys is convinced that Holmes needs his regular intake of drugs to solve the case sooner and attempts many times to reintroduce Holmes to drugs.

Racing against time and under pressure from Rhys, Holmes contacts his father to arrange for the money. Holmes, acting as the mediator, turns up at the meeting place to hand over the ransom money and secure Emily.

But, things do not go as planned and the kidnapper has other plans in mind.

This was an OK episode, as far as the mystery was concerned. I felt there was too much emphasis on Holmes’ addiction to drugs.

John Hannah as Rhys and Lucy Liu as Joan Watson CBS Elementary Episode 15 A Giant Gun, Filled with Drugs
John Hannah as Rhys and Lucy Liu as Joan Watson
The episode scored well on the humor aspects. Both John Hannah and Jonny Lee Miller had some great lines that both actors delivered with great aplomb. Rhys referring to Watson as a “bird” Holmes brought over was hilarious.

Miller’s best lines were with reference to Emily’s tweets. He describes them to be “serving as a valid argument for eugenics”. He goes even further: “Demonstrates that brevity does not protect against dullness”.

He finally tops it off by saying that the time he spent “wading in the cesspool of social media was not a complete waste” and that he did discover a possible clue.

Lucy Liu’s Watson did not have much to do in this episode, other than warn Rhys from trying to make Holmes take drugs again.

Lucy Liu as Joan Watson CBS Elementary Episode 15 A Giant Gun, Filled with Drugs
Lucy Liu as Joan Watson

Canonical References

  1. Sherlock talks about his case involving a mongoose – Reference to The Adventure of the Crooked Man
  2. Rhys’ appeal to Holmes’ ego to take the case of his missing daughter – Reference to this line spoken by Watson from A Study in Scarlet: “I had already observed that he was as sensitive to flattery on the score of his art as any girl could be of her beauty.”
  3. Holmes also indicates that he might talk about the case of the blue carbuncle in future drug recovery sessions – The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle
  4. Sherlock deducing the club name based on the print left by the kidnapper – In The Adventure of the Norwood Builder, Holmes uses a fingerprint left on the wall to solve the crime.
  5. Holmes deduces that the cigar ash, left behind at the scene of Emily's kidnapping, belonged to Crema, a Dominican cigar. Holmes also refers to his ability to recognize 140 brands of ash and to his monograph on the subject – Holmes states in The Boscombe Valley Mystery: “I have, as you know, devoted some attention to this, and written a little monograph on the ashes of 140 different varieties of pipe, cigar, and cigarette tobacco.”
  6. Holmes cracks Emily’s bank password – Reference to Holmes’ statement from The Sign of the Four: “Give me problems, give me work, give me the most abstruse cryptogram or the most intricate analysis, and I am in my own proper atmosphere.”
  7. Holmes determining the name of the Ethiopian dish by “tasting” it – In A Study in Scarlet, Stamford mentions to Watson about Holmes’ habit of beating the corpses with a stick to verify how far bruises may be produced after death.
  8. Holmes asks Watson to check on Rhys, since he cannot hear of any sound to indicate that Rhys is still present in the house – Indirect reference to Holmes deducing that Susan, the maid was overhearing his conversation from The Adventure of the Three Gables: “I have been listening to her for the last five minutes, but did not wish to interrupt your most interesting narrative. Just a little wheezy, Susan, are you not? You breathe too heavily for that kind of work.”
  9. Holmes’ statement to Rhys: “After today, you are never to darken my doorway again.” – A very similar line was uttered by James Browner in The Adventure of the Cardboard Box: “this man Fairbairn is never to darken my door again.”
  10. We see a large number of locks on the wall in the ending scene – The Canonical Holmes is an expert in lock picking.

John Hannah as Rhys CBS Elementary Episode 15 A Giant Gun, Filled with Drugs
John Hannah as Rhys

Overall, an average episode and a considerable comedown from the previous episode, The Deductionist.

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  1. I enjoyed this a little more than you did. The first scene with Rhys reminded me of the Mycroft scene in A Game of Shadows, they were both humorous. I wonder what Sherlock did with the drugs, because I thought I saw him slip it into his pocket when Watson walked in. I wouldn't think it used them yet though.


    1. Agree with you James about the similarities with the Mycroft scene.

      I too don't think Sherlock used the drugs. As he said, that is a story for a future drug recovery session.


  2. I agree with James in that I like this episode a little more than you did.
    You had some great points and captured all the good lines of humor.

    Did 'Holmes' give 'Watson' the drugs at the end, saying something like, 'Rhys tried to give me drugs, but I did not use them. There they are.'

    Good post, thanks.

    1. You are welcome, John.

      I believe Holmes was saying to Watson "The drugs lay there on the table..". After Rhys offered Holmes the drug, Holmes got angry at Rhys, put the drugs in his pocket and left the building.


  3. Unlike you, I thought Liu had a lot to do in the episode. Miller tells her that she'll be extra busy in the next few days and Liu was quite fierce in protecting Miller. By the way, I thought the re-purposing of the "believe in Sherlock"of BBC fandom with Hannah and Liu stating "I believe in Sherlock Holmes" was hilarious. It's sure to ruffle a few feathers among "Elementary" dislikers.

    1. I agree with you James, that Liu's Watson did her best to protect Holmes from Rhys' bad influence.

      I was commenting from a "helping Holmes in his investigation" perspective. In the previous episode "The Deductionist" and a few other episodes, Watson's inputs and her medical knowledge made a difference in solving the case.

      As for "I believe in Sherlock" - I for one enjoyed the BBC series and like Elementary for Miller's performance and the Canonical nods.


  4. It was pretty decent. I agree that The Deductionist" was better, but this one was definitely better than some of the earlier episodes. (ESPECIALLY "Dirty Laundry"... >_<)

    1. "but this one was definitely better than some of the earlier episodes. (ESPECIALLY "Dirty Laundry"... >_<)" - Thank Goodness for that :)

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