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Movie Review: Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol (2011)

Director Brad Bird Tom Cruise on the set of Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol
Director Brad Bird with the cast of Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol is the best action movie in a long long time.

When it comes to some specific genres such as action or horror, what separates a run-of-the-mill movie from a great movie is the acting prowess on display. Granted that it is too much to ask for great display of thespian skills in an action movie, there have been many movies where the actors have tried their best to infuse some life and energy into a genre that is well known for playing it safe with some action set pieces. The actors often prove to be just eye candy while the movie lurches on from one action set piece to another. And this is where the Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol proves its superiority.

Tom Cruise Ethan Hunt Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol
Tom Cruise looks stylish as Ethan Hunt

Tom Cruise returns to his usual self as the dashing IMF Agent Ethan Hunt, we have loved since the very first movie in 1996. He performs most of the stunts himself and deserves credits for the same.

The movie’s ensemble cast includes Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg and Paula Patton as Cruise’s teammates.

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Simon made quite an impression in Shaun of the DeadHot Fuzz and Star Trek. Cast as Benji Dunn, the tech expert on the team, Simon provides the much needed comic relief amidst the insane action happening around him most of the time.

Paula Patton brings great gravitas to her role as Jane Carter, the team leader who has lost one of her men to a rogue agent.

Paula Patton and Simon Pegg in "Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol"
Paula Patton and Simon Pegg in Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol

But, all these great actors are upstaged by Jeremy Renner, who proves to be the dark horse of the team. Renner is cast as William Brandt, an intelligence analyst, with a lot of tricks up his sleeve.

Jeremy Renner in "Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol"
Jeremy Renner in Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Brad Bird shows a very deft hand in his very first live action movie. Perhaps, this should not come as a surprise considering his earlier movie The Incredibles. He has also directed couple of episodes on The Simpsons. Both these animated works contain families coming to terms with one another, while they adapt to the world changing around them all the time.

Bird brings all these experiences on board to helm a gem of a action movie, that boasts of excellent ensemble acting and jaw dropping action.  The sequences inside Kremlin and atop Burj Khalifa tower deserve special mention. He successfully makes the transition from animated to real action movies and I look forward to his continued work on this series.

Highly recommended to all Cruise fans and fans of the spy thriller/action movie genre.

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