Thursday, June 6, 2013

Man of Steel - Latest Trailer

Henry Cavill, Michael Shannon and Russell Crowe in Man of Steel poster

Check out the Nokia exclusive trailer for Man of Steel:

Hans Zimmer's score seems to be better than the one he did for The Dark Knight Trilogy.

Henry Cavill is becoming more and more impressive as the Man of Steel. Chris Reeve is the definitive Supes to me, but looks like Henry is going to give a serious shot at taking away that title.

Russell Crowe looks to be in top form as Jor-El. His delivery of the lines: "You can save them. You can save all of them" is awe-inspiring.

This is quite possibly the best trailer so far, even better than the previous one.

The movie looks all set to be a blockbuster with epic scope, amazing action sequences, Zimmer's soundtrack and excellent casting. Full credit to David Goyer, Chris Nolan and Zack Snyder for their efforts in making this movie possible.

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  1. Most find it strange, but I try to not watch any trailers for films that I am mostly sure that I will go see, so I am not going to watch this trailer. While I do believe the film should be better than the old Superman films, even though I enjoy them quite a bit, I doubt Cavill will surpass Reeve. There is a small chance, but unlikely.


    1. Thanks James.

      I agree that Chris Reeve's performance is a hard act to follow. Let's see what Henry does with the role.


  2. Great review Buddy, I am looking forward to this movie very much and I enjoyed the trailer.

  3. One of the things that sunk Superman Returns was its somberness (it felt too serious, even morose). Conversely, what destroyed the Reeve Superman franchise was that it was too jokey (in III and IV) and w/IV, just too cheap-looking.

    My concern is that Man of Steel will tip towards the former. So far, only Superman: The Movie managed to maintain the balance: treating the material seriously w/o being somber while adding humor w/o slipping into camp.

    Granted, the trailer looks great but I've been burned by high expectations. I await to see the film, the audience's response, and our own.

    1. Agree with your views about Superman Returns, Superman III and IV.

      I do think that Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut is as good as its predecessor, purely taken from a movie perspective. But yes, when it comes to defining the character of Supes, none can equal Superman: The Movie.