Thursday, December 8, 2011

Book Review: Autobiography of a Werewolf Hunter by Brian P Easton

Autobiography of a Werewolf Hunter by Brian P Easton

This is a review of the Kindle version.

This, my friends is one of the best Werewolf books out there. Brian P. Easton is bang on the target and delivers plenty of Werewolf Action. Equally thrilling are a couple of encounters between the main protagonist and a hulking bounty hunter. The first one of these encounters comes out of nowhere and will catch the reader totally unawares. 

The story deals with an individual, who loses his near and dear ones to Werewolves and is hell-bent on getting vengeance. He gets trained by a spiritual mentor and this section of the book really delivers. His first werewolf kill is as exhilarating to the reader as it to the protagonist himself.

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The protagonist's encounter with a huge werewolf in Russia is another section of the book, where Easton scores big time.

The book has a lot of other action sequences that are as good as this, if not better.

Best parts of the book: The description of the main protagonist's training, his encounters with the bounty hunter and of course, for the superbly-crafted werewolf action scenes.

Highly recommended for all fans of the Werewolf genre and/or horror genre.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Book Review: Intensity by Dean Koontz

Intensity by Dean Koontz

I read Dean Koontz's Phantoms and then came to this book. Perhaps, Phantoms set the bar too high or maybe I am more of a fan of horror/supernatural genre than of suspense genre. Either way, Intensity failed to hold my attention till the end.

Chyna Shephard is visiting the family of her friend, Laura Templeton. Chyna had endured a tough childhood, marked predominantly by a lack of parental care and is very happy when she is provided warmth and acceptance by her friend's family. Her joy is short-lived, when an intruder breaks into the house and quickly proceeds to kill her hosts.

Consumed with rage and grief, Chyna sets out to avenge and jumps aboard the killer's vehicle. Soon the killer is aware of her presence and takes her to his house. In addition to the killer, Chyna has to contend with a pack of trained vicious Dobermann pinschers.

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The starting is good. The middle secton is OK. Then it kind of got repetitive. I just lost interest and skipped to the end of the book.

I would recommend Phantoms to any reader looking for their first Dean Koontz book to savor.

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